District 1 Male- Reaping


He looked up, expecting to encounter yet another one of his fans.He is, after all, a celebrity. One of the most sought out persons in their district and in a way, it was a bandage for the loss of his parents during his childhood.

Everyone loves him because he was the best fighter, he can reap mostly precious gems that some of them are having hard time in reaping. He performs the best during simulations in preparation for the games. Needless to say, he is the best choice for this year.

“Oh it’s you,” He growled as he went passed the girl he always avoids. “Are you going to congratulate me or something?” He asked coldly. “Because if you’re not, then you’re wasting your time.”

Alia’s his rival in everything.

If he is to be praised for his knack in collecting precious gems, she had the knack of knowing every metal, every gems every existed. She knows the worth of what he had reaped and more often, she would reap the most precious among all. Which is why she stopped working so as no one will use her to their advantage.

She had also excelled in almost every simulations, triggering his great jealousy on her for being collected and calm in every challenges they put her into but what he had hated the most is her ability to say no to the town and for being selfish.

He hated how she is her own self and no one is telling her what to do.

“I had wasted my time just by calling you,” She sneered back as she turned to her heel and make her leave but not before being stopped by himself.

He could tell that she was shocked by his move, he himself is included but his curiosity is perked up when she had initiated a conversation with him.

“Just tell me so we could get this over with.” He said with exasperation as she turned around and gave him a┬ábracelet with blue gemstone in the middle, surrounded with very difficult to make wires.

He looked up only to see her looking intently at his reaction. “Alright, I’m gonna explain myself before you get it the wrong way,” She said.

“I am already judging you when you gave it to me.” He answered as she groaned.

“Well, I’m just happy that you’re signing up to your death.” Alia said as he rolled his eyes. “Either way, it’s a piece to remember what you signed up for… A piece to remember home.” She said as she turned to her heels.

He was speechless for a moment before he remembered that this piece of jewelry almost cost more than his house. He looked up to see if she was still there, when he saw no one.

He let out a small genuine smile. “Thank you, kiddo.”


“Welcome to the 71st Hunger Games Reaping!”

Every teenager aged 12- 18 were gathered in front of the square while the adults watched at the back.

“It’s time to bring glory once more to our district and so without further ado, we pick the male tributes.” The escort of District 1, Vidia went over the fishbowl and picked one name. Before she opened the paper, she looked at the crowd, daring for them to speak up.

With a smirk, she looked around the males. “Any volunteers?”

Everyone cheered and chanted one name as they all looked at each other. One name, and that was all they took.

Kenneth, Kenneth, Kenneth….

It’s fascinating how an orphan from District 1 rose up in ranks, and managed to get the attention of everyone else. It’s fascinating how an orphan had managed to gain the trust of everyone in his District. How fascinating as well, for an orphan to take the risk and repeat the same thing that had happened to his parents. How they were torn and shredded into pieces by the nightmares that haunted them during the night.

How he is willing to be the same victim of the games.

And so with a smirk, he dared to take a step forward, not caring at all about his parents any longer. “I volunteer!”




Today’s been exhausting but well spent with my family since some of my relatives are bound to go home tomorrow (Sunday, March 27, 2016) 

It wasn’t much actually but well, since it’s Black Saturday and all, the elders decided to go to the mall  because well, malls open again today. 

We went to Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hill. It was fun, even though the mall isn’t complete yet. There are a lot of people taking pictures with the “Grand Canal” and all and we even saw Love locks in the railing and all. 

I love how I get to spend the day with my favorite cousins that we had to even stop for a drink. (starbucks, as usual.) 

After that, we decided to go to Megamall and had dinner with my family and bought some note book after. 

Such mundane activies but it was fun for me. My cousin and I will be finishing our mashup later and hopefully we get to video and record it well… ­čśë